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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 18, 2010 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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. complete bay area news could have raj starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the heaviest of the rains are just hours away yet trees are down and some creeks are running and rising. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach in tonight for ken wayne. >> hello again, everyone, i'm heather holmes. well, down one rainstorm and another one to go now. the bay area is expected to get another soaking with more rain into your holiday week. we are talking about bay area residents as they prepare. we begin the storm coverage
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with mark tamayo live in the weather center. mark? >> reporter: heather, basically in between storm systems. still some rain showers out there but the coverage is on the increase. that trend will continue over the next 3-6 hours. you can see on live stormtracker 2 up in the north bay santa rosa reporting light to moderate rainfall. down towards the south bay for the bay and the rainfall pretty much a constant over the past 24 hours. this will continue to be on the increase at least for tonight. there you can pick out the storm developing offshore in the pacific. a series of storms. as far as rainfall with the next system can you see about three-quarters of an inch to three inches. once again, the heaviest cells targeting the coastal hills. the timeframe with the heavy rain downpours will be from tomorrow morning from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and winds gusting to 35 miles per hour. more rainfall in the five day forecast. timing of more storms in the pacific coming up in just a little bit. >> well, there are some real concerns that come with a
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forecast for that. for more on the storms and the way bay area residents are coping. january nine is live. >> reporter: health, that's right. you can see behind me a great shot of the city. it is not raining right now but as you can tell with my hair blowing around it is getting really windy out here. some people though are already experiencing problems because of the stormy weather that we've been experiencing. this pine tree came crashing down into a home on thornhill drive in the neighborhood of oakland this evening. it created a huge gaping hole in the attic of the house. >> with all of the rain we've had, it's just heavy with all of the saturated ground it didn't take much to flop it over. >> reporter: fortunately the homeowner wasn't injured. just surprised. they spent hours clearing the debris and protecting the home with a tarp. they are trying to be prepared for the problems that the heavy
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rain will bring. they are expecting to deal with possible power outages. >> we have flashlights all over the house. again sausalito has amazing rain storms when it comes. >> reporter: inside the goodman's building supply store in the valley there have been dozens of people coming in to buy tarps and lanterns. >> sometimes they are a spur of the moment purchase. they hear bat weather and see other people grabbing and, oh, i would better have one, too. >> reporter: in the city of ross they are keeping an eye on the creek. it swelled several years ago and flooded. this homeowner raised him home to prevent that again. >> we are in a wet year and we are concerned about it. and we are watching very carefully. but so far, we're okay. >> all right. three more. >> reporter: earlier in the day several residents in oakland picked up sandbags in preparation for the next wave of wet weather. >> i need these bags
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desperately. >> reporter: howard broom grabbed 20 bags from the city program after an unnerving night of rain. >> to save me from foundation erosion and my house sliding down the hill. >> reporter: and we drove through several areas in the east bay and the north bay and we really didn't see a lot of foot traffic on the roads. even though we are experiencing a break in the weather right now, a lot of people are still choosing to stay indoors. reporting live, ktvu, channel 2 news. the rains did not keep people off the roads on this, the last shopping weekend before christmas. and some paid an extra price. an accident on i-80 in emeryville this afternoon involved three vehicles including a mini cooper that flipped upside down. highway patrol said there were only minor injuries and urged drivers to slow down out there and make sure their tires are properly inflated, which can help handling on slick roads. cal trans crews were out
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today trying to keep the roadways clear. one crew in oakland used a giant vacuum cleaner to remove the debris from the drains. the water flooded two lanes near downtown oakland. and coming up in a few minutes, we will show you what's happening tonight in the sierra. for the very latest on this wet weather, including live radar where you live visit and click on the storm watch tab. >> storm clouds added pressure to crews working on the centerpiece of the new bay bridge but they managed to wrap up work this afternoon on another part of the crucial tower ahead of the expected heavy rains. take a look at these images. for several days now crews have been hoisting giant steel pieces more than 300 feet into the air. the pieces make up the third of the tower's four legs. it was another job completed ahead of schedule. this crew is going to come back to work after the christmas holiday and start continuing to lift that tower even taller. ultimately it's going to be 525 feet in the air. the next time we are going to be lifting is in january. >> the new eastern span of the
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bay bridge was originally expected to open in 2014. but cal trans says at this pace the span will be able to open earlier than planned. it was a history-making day on capital hill as eight republican senators joined 57 democrats to overturn the ban on gays serving openly in the military. >> the gays are 6 -- yeas are 65 and the neas are 31. >> they worked to overturn the 17-year-old don't ask, don't tell policy. the action today ushers in a new era and reverses decades of the military's discriminatory policy against gays. but opponents of the repeal say it will harm the military's effectiveness. >> in san francisco, a group of people including u.s. veterans celebrated declaring today's vote a civil rights milestone. knowing now that one of the largest military powers is set to allow gays and lesbians to serve openly. ktvu's john sasaki reports.
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>> the motion to concur in the house amended to senator amendment to house resolution 2965 is adopted. [ applause ] >> leaders of the fight to repeal don't ask, don't tell gathered at san francisco's lesbian gay, by sexual transgender center to watch the senate vote unfold. >> unquestionably this is a watershed moment in the 21st century civil rights struggle. and that's a struggle for lgbt equality. >> among the people on hand were two retired navy commanders, including a former nuclear submarine commander. >> i had to live this totally divided life. but you could never get rid of that constant thought that somewhere, someone has seen you or they are making a rogue rumor. and you always live with am i going to get in trouble? >> zoe is the other navy commander. she actually challenged don't ask, don't tell early on and won serving another 13 years openly. >> after 18 years of working on this, i witnessed the end to
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this destructive policy. and these are tears of joy. i've got to tell you these are tears of joy. >> we caught up with dunning at her home at home where she shared photos of her years on duty. >> i actually created greater bonds with my service members because i could be who i was without fear. >> all of the no votes today came from republicans. tom whose daughter is in the air force rotc is vice chair of the state republican party. >> my problem is as a father of someone in the military are the politicians making this decision right before christmas because they want to satisfy their base or are the democrats really doing this because they think it's best for the country? >> during the news conference the opponents of don't can ask, don't tell recited the policemen of allegiance and all of them said it felt just a bit different today. the uss hornet a did he commissioned aircraft carrier on which gays and lesbians could not serve. but soon they will be able to come out on all military
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vessels thanks to today's historic vote. this is john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. what's next for the u.s. military and the impact of the controversial law? that story is coming up at 10:30. well, the day that brought joy to gay rights advocates brought disappointment to support hes supporters of illegal immigrants. the dream act would have provided children of illegal immigrants who go to college and join the military the right to become citizens. in a 5-41 vote the vote failed to get the votes it needed. bay area supporters of the dream act accuse those who rejected the bill of playing politics. >> i think the vote sends a message that the politicians of both parties are completely out of touch with where this nation is and where it's going and headed. >> supporters called today's vote a setback but say they will continue to push for this.
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and a california law allowing illegal immigrants to attend public university. >> straight ahead a rough ride for holiday travelers out there. how the journey went for those in search of sierra's snow. >> and trees kicked up their arms in spite of christmas thieves. we will explain. >> local firefighters helped break a record today. how their efforts helped senior citizens. the 10:00 news is back in 90 seconds. [ music ] . 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. investigators in san francisco tonight. >> dependable live coverage of breaking news. >> we began with a huge fire. >> the bay area's major news of the day. >> south bay water officials. >> and complete in depth coverage. >> new security procedures went into effect today. >> plus the forecast for the area where you live. frank somerville, julie haener, the ktvu, channel 2 news 10:00
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news, complete bay area news coverage.
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. today's weather affected air travel as well. adds operations at the oakland airport was reported to be running smoothly officials at san francisco national said shorthaul flights north and south along the coast were delayed by as much as an hour. other domestic flights were not affected. bad weather, though, in the u.k. did lead to cancellations to most flights in and out of england today. >> for those of you who stayed inside on this december day, a drive to snow country might seem like an unnecessary ordeal. but for skiers and snowboarders, today's weather meant it was the right time to head for the mountains. lewis reports. >> reporter: it was all rain in the valley and plenty of wet roads heading up to the sierra saturday afternoon. but it didn't take too long for the weather and the road conditions to change. right now we are at cisco grove
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which is 5500 feet and so far not a lot of snow. but we are getting a lot of slush. take a look at the road conditions. just a sloppy slushy stuff is what we are seeing right now. so far the chain controls are not in effect here but we will keep heading up the mountain. and just a few miles up the road, conditions changed rather quickly. here at caneville on i-806500 feet the snow is coming down a little bit harder. not that slushy stuff but the soft flakes. take a look over my shoulder and you can see a lot of people. they are chaining up and for good reason. if you look over here, right passed me you will see chain controls are in effect. so far on i-80, the roads are clear and it's smooth sailing for traffic. issues with the chains or how was it out here? >> oh, i just haven't put these on these tires before, yeah. >> so learn as you go? >> yeah. >> john chin says he was expecting the snow this weekend but he and plenty of others
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still want to make a great ski weekend out of it. at sugar bowl plenty of snowboarders and skiers unfazed by this winter system. some say it's not the snow that's slowing them down. instead it's the gusty winds. >> the the wind is really hard. so it kind of just like stops you when you are going down. >> yeah? >> it's really kicking, huh? >> yeah. it's fun, though. >> that was lewis reporting. a wentstorm warning remains in effect right now in the sierra. community activists in san francisco staged a sit-in outside harvey miller's former camera shop to protest the new tenant and the cities new sit- lay law. the two issues go hand-in-hand because the sit-lay isn't fair to gay youth which they say make up 40% of the city's population. the new tenant the human rights campaign does not do enough to push for lgbt rights. >> we think harvey would be out here with us saying that this space needs to be a service space rather than a space for
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hrc to sell knickknacks and tote bags with harvey milk on them. we need services. >> the human rights commission has said it is inspired by milk's vision and activism as the first openly gay man elected in public office. a judge is refusing to grant jail to a former priest accused of molesting six boys in ireland. 74-year-old patrick joseph mckay, an alameda resident surrendered to authorities in july. on friday, a san francisco federal judge refused to grant mckay bail, saying he is a flight risk. prosecutors say mckay molested the boys from 1973 until 1981. that following year mckay came to the united states and worked at churches in eureka, gurnville and sacramento. >> marines say a man who died after a street fight wednesday night suffered 62 stab wounds of the the attack took place on the pedestrian bridge walkway
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under highway 101 in the marin city area. the victim 42-year-old larry robert son died later at the hospital. deputies arrested 22-year-old darryl meres of mill valley after a brief chase. he is expected to be arraigned on monday. the bay area is said to receive more than $1 million to combat gang violence. haywood and oakland and richmond will distribute the money to be distributed through the gang intervention initiative. the money is slated for local anti-gang efforts including job training, education and intervention programs. governor schwarzenegger announced the awards yesterday. in all, $9.2 million will be given to 24 cities across the state. a 16-year-old high school student will spend the next two years in marin county juvenile hall for vehicular manslaughter. the teenager whose name is not being released was sentenced as on thursday in the death of 15- year-old zack broad. he pled guilty to drunk driving
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and driving without a license. in the september crash that killed him and injured three other schoolmates riding with him. the 16-year-old was driving a bmw when he lost control on a curve and hit the truck west of san marin drive. >> the san raphael city council is two days away from voting on a proposal to approve a 137,000 square foot target store for that city. a community group opposed to the so-called big box retailers is fighting the proposal. they say if approved it would lead to the closing of small businesses in the area and would disrupt the local economy. the group keep it local san raphael is gathering signatures to force a referendum on the matter if the council gives the go ahead for that target store. there are unconfirmed reports tonight that larry ellison and bmw oracle racing will make an announcement tomorrow about the next america's cup. that could be bad news for san francisco. the announcement is rumored to take place in new port, rhode
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island which he hosted the premier yachting event between the 1930s and 1983. the said it learned about the upcoming announcement from an unnamed insider last week. the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously approved the city's bid to hold the race, but the final choice is up to ellison. berkeley police officers and firefighters kept very busy today boxing up 3,000 toys for local children in need. the departments have been collecting the toys and will now work with the u.s. marine corp toy for tolts program to distribute them to families that might not have anything under the tree this year. one officer tells ktvu news that the toy drive is a great opportunity each year to give back to the community and make sure every child enjoys christmas. [ applause ] >> thank you for being here. >> take a look at that. the alameda saints tap dancing trees took over the pavement on thompson avenue, also known as christmas tree lane.
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this year the event was a fundraiser to help replace hundreds of dollars of rides and onments stolen last weekend when the displays in front of several homes. neighbors said they wouldn't let the thieves ruin this holiday season. a record number of berkeley seniors received bags of groceries today thanks to the charity of local firefighters. the berkeley firefighters random acts organization collects food each year. the group delivers bags of groceries to local senior citizens so they have enough to eat for christmas. well, this year the department collected 14,000 pounds of food to feed a record 700 seniors. but organizers say it's not just about handing out the groceries. it's also about making human connections. seniors tends to be lonely. and so they will sit and chat with them for a half an hour. that is a nice bonding experience. some of them actually request the same street for the same seniors every year. >> each senior received a bag of about 18 pounds of food, including chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as some
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bread. >> well, tensions are on the rise between north and south korea. what one u.s. governor has planned to possibly help ease the conflict. >> and one bay area naval officer is home for christmas. how one bay area community celebrated his arrival for the holidays. >> our next storm is rapidly approaching the area coastline. coming up take a look at the updated rain forecast models and when we could have a break in the stormy weather.
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. wall street is now looking to the courts in search for profits. so-called legal lending firms are hoping to win big by funding plaintiffs in high profile cases like lawsuits against the estate of bernie madoff. we explain how the system works. >> reporter: if bernard madoff's poncy scream victims don't want to wait for a verdict in their case they can take less money up front now. or if they can't afford legal sues they can borrow money to
10:23 pm
sue. or if their lawyers need financing to pursue the case they can get a loan, too. part of the exploding world of legal lending. >> it's a good thing for many reasons. >> charles runs a firm that fronts money to plaintiffs. peoples like first responders to ground zero who claimed health problems from the toxic air and needed help with medical bills while waiting for the case to settle. pursuing claims can be expensive teams of attorneys and witnesses and months and years in court. the biggest winners are the little guys. but with hedge investors investing $$1 billion on lawsuits the system is ripe for abuse. >> you have got the lawyers trying to get their cut under a contingency fee scenario. investment funds trying to get their cut. there is very little left for the plaintiff at the end of the day. >> reporter: trial attorneys say the loans un clog the loans since no one is investing in cases that won't bring a big return. and early settlement are better for everyone.
10:24 pm
>> better for the client. better for the lawyer. better for the system. it's a sure thing when there is a settlement. and when you go to a jury, you don't know. >> firms that support legal lending say the biggest opponents are major corporations who can outlast almost any small company or individual in cases that might take years to resolve. while investments and lawsuits have gone up over the past decade the number of cases filed in court has gone down. in new york, rick leventhal fox news. >> bank of america today joined other financial institutions by cutting off service to the controversial wikileaks website. the bank is no longer offering financial services to wikileaks which has released thousands of pages of u.s. government documents. mastercard and paypal have already pulled the plug on payments to the site. bank of america's announcement comes just one day after wikileaks founder julian assange says they will release documents about banks soon.
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>> tensions against north and south korea are on the rise tonight as the u.n. security council prepares to go into emergency session tomorrow. and a former u.s. envoy visits the north. south korea delayed military exercises that had been scheduled on an island shelled by north korea last month. the north has threatened to retaliate if those exercises go forward. former u.n. ambassador and now new mexico governor bill richardson is visiting the north tonight as a private citizen. >> i'm concerned because there is a potential for a miscalculation. i have raised request the north koreans the importance of being extremely restrained, to cool down, to not overreact. >> governor richardson is scheduled to meet with north korean generals tomorrow as part of his unofficial visit to that country. in other news of the world tonight, in mexico federal police and mexican troops are searching for 141 convicts who escaped yesterday from a prison just across the border from
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texas. the prison staff allegedly allowed the inmates to walk free, possibly under pressure from local drug gangs. mexican authorities say the head of the prison is also missing. in italy, three people have died in weather-related incidents. a number of storms have blanketed europe from england to bulgaria and it reached now south to the mediterranean. london and other european cities have been completely or partially closed. roads and rail lines have also been affected by the storms. in china a rocket carrying a satellite lifted off from southwestern province today. the sat lit and five others now in orbit are part of a group of 30 satellites that will provide china its own global positioning system by the year 2020. china began the program 10 years ago to end its depend et cetera on the u.s. gps satellites. >> homecoming festivities were underway in the east bay to welcome a navy petty officer
10:27 pm
returning from afghanistan. travis livingstone is a navy corpman who was attached to a marine unit while overseas. he made it safely back to his family home in the community of blackhawk last night with time to spare before christmas. he said tonight's party was a big surprise. he felt honored everyone who comes home and everyone who doesn't. >> a lot of people don'tget to come back. so, i mean, i think by everybody coming here just for me they are really coming over here for everybody. they recognize everyone not just me. i just happen to be the one coming back. >> petty officer livingstone recently re inn listed and plans to spend at least another two years serving his country. well, straight ahead on the 10:00 news, the united states senate votes to get rid of don't ask, don't tell. but what does that exactly mean to the u.s. military? we will take a look at the next step. also some good news to report tonight about this little guy right here, this sea- lion who was shot. what sign of progress he is
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showing to indicate that he is on the road to recovery. [ music ] . >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by manciniisleepworld.
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. >> this is indeed an historic day. >> the senate today passed a bill that over turns the don't ask, don't tell policy. the 17-year-old ban on gays serving openly in the military. the white house says president obama is expected to sign the bill into law next week. but it's not clear exactly when that new law would go into effect. today senators who voted to repeal the ban said they right add wrong and equated a vote to the end of racial segregation in the military. >> i want to thank all of the gay men and women that are fighting for us today in afghanistan. and in iraq.
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we honor your service. and now we can do so openly. >> reporter: the house already approved the measure. so now it goes to president obama's desk for his signatures. more than 13,000 service members have been dismissed under the don't ask, don't tell policy since 1993. but under the uniform code of military justice, gays have been forbidden from serving in the military since 1950. and a government study found that nearly 17,000 troops were discharged in the 1980s for being gay. a recent pentagon review on attitudes about gays in the military found a low risk to military effectiveness. but the review did find some strong concerns from combat units and the marine corp. >> today is a very sad day. the command can't of the united states marine corp says when your life hangs on the line, you don't want anything distracting. mistakes and inattentions or
10:32 pm
distractions cost marines lives. >> reporter: the vote closes the door on the don't ask, don't tell policy. but under the bill, the new policy would not go into effect at least for 60 days. until after the president, secretary of defense robert gates and the joint chiefs chairman certify that the u.s. military is prepared to make the change. secretary gates predict the certification could take up to a year. the military is now expected to begin a service-wide education campaign to address those concerned about serving alongside openly gay colleagues. >> we are supposed to be not who you are but how you do your job. and, you know, gay and lesbian americans in the military will not be seen as gays and lesbians. they will be seen as what they are, american soldiers. >> retired sergeant eric alva is a 13 year marine corp veteran who lost a leg after a land mine explode emptied iraq. today the openly gay alva offered to help the pentagon conduct its sensitivity
10:33 pm
training. >> two big california industries are getting some extra time to comply with string he went new diesel administration regulations. the california air resources board voted unanimously yesterday to give trucking and construction industries an extra four years to meet the new pollution standards. the board says the economic downturn has meant fewer diesel trucks on the road resulting in a sharp drop in diesel particulates. they later determined that scientists have overestimated the amount of pollution produced by construction. the emission rules remain the toughest in the nation. millions of americans are packing their bags and leaving home this holiday season. aaa says it predicts more than 92 million people will travel at least 50 miles from home for the christmas and new year's holiday. that's a 3% increase over last year. of those travelling, 93% are expected to drive to their destinations while close to 3% will fly. and to keep drunk drivers off
10:34 pm
the road, aaa is again offering its tipsy tow service this year. drivers who have been drinking can call this number for a free one-way tow of up to ten miles to their home. the service is also offered on new year's eve from 6 a.m. to -- 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. on new year's day. >> the best who represent the city's potential are being honored for their work. they had a fundraiser and toasted oakland residents. those being honored include kevin butler a 5th grader from this elementary school who listen to this received a perfect score on the state standardized test. also recognized tonight is 16- year-old trinity wilson who placed 6th in the 100-meter hurdles in the olympics this past summer. a sea-lion found ten days ago suffering from a gun shout
10:35 pm
wounds is showing signs tonight of recovery. the independent journal says the sea-lion named silent night is now vocal idahoing when someone is in his pen. workers at the marine mammal center says he hasn't got his appetite back but responding to treatment. his right eye was ruined by a bullet but they hope to save his other eye. >> how you can help brighten someone's holiday. >> and also mark tamayo is tracking the wet weather headed our way. how long the rain will last and if it will dry out in time for christmas. . >> frank somerville, gasia weekdays on ktvu, channel 2 news at 5, complete bay area news coverage.
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. and it is blustery up in the sierra at this hour with
10:38 pm
plenty of rain and wind and even snow. there is a live look for you of i-80 in truckee. you can see how slick those roads are right now. and of course much more snow is on the way. [ music ] >> our next storm rapidly is approaching the bay area coastline. we still have some rain and snow to our east. in fact, right now on live stormtracker 2 you can see the coverage with the snow especially up above 7,000 feet for the sierra. here in the bay area the radar has been increasing the coverage in the past 1-2 hours. up in the north bay down towards the northern portions of marin county as well showing you some activity. those darker shades of green do correspond to some heavier downpours around redwood city. show you this and check out the south bay neighborhoods as well. because there the coverage is, once again, especially for the santa cruz mountains this is the target zone for heavy rainfall easily topping three
10:39 pm
inches. this will continue to be the region picking up significant rainfall over the next 12-18 hours. the overall weather story is this across the bay area. take a look. tonight the rainfall will continue to pick up. for tomorrow heavy rain especially for the morning hours and the long range forecast. we have more storms out there. the satellite. you can see the main circulation up here to our north and west. but this is the key factor. almost just like a river of moisture approaching the state and the bay area. this is the dominant feature as we head into the weekend with that storm imbedded into the flow. multiple storms lining up offshore with that subtropical moisture. the possibility of a few isolated thunderstorms. for monday periods of rain. we could be talking about another round of heavy rain by late tuesday and also into rutland into wednesday. finally a break those developing, at least potentially by thursday and into friday. here is our forecast model. tomorrow morning at 7, 8:00 this is when you will definitely notice.
10:40 pm
you will say, wow, it's really pouring out there. you can see it is showing up nicely on our forecast model at 8:00. into the afternoon hours by 1:00 still some coverage. you will notice this, a gradual decrease in the coverage especially by 3, 4, 5:00. and by 6:00 the possibility of scattered rain showers out there. even at 10:00 tonight. the main event is first thing tomorrow morning. for the sierra we have been talking about the winter storm warnings in place. right now, in fact, extend into 4:00. snowfall easily into 3-6 feet. storm accumulations especially up around 8,000 feet could be approaching ten feet when all is said and done with this series of storms. snow levels hovering in this range from 5500 to 6500 feet. forecast highs for tomorrow mainly in the 50s. not a big change from today. san jose 58. san mateo 56 degrees. the look ahead at the five day forecast still have multiple rain showers showing up for monday. off and on rain.
10:41 pm
tuesday showers likely. heather and mike tuesday morning into wednesday another rounds of significant rain. looking for a break thursday still a slight chance of a shower. that could be the day with improving weather. same day for friday. but then by christmas day another storm is lining up. so with each storm flooding becomes at least a concern becomes a little bit more elevated. that's something we will be watching especially by next week week. >> that's good to know if folks want to go up to tahoe a nice day to leave. >> a nice break in the rain for sure. >> donations are pouring into st. anthony's in san francisco. they opened up the curbside dropoff for people to give foods and warm clothes and toilet are yous. while many people are giving lightly used things this year volunteers collecting donations they say many people are pulling up with brand new items. >> a lot some in the thousands of dollars coming in with 20, 25 turkeys they shopped at costco and grabbed a few things. many people who have come are just very generous and giving.
10:42 pm
it's very wonderful to see during this time of year. >> the donations will be accepted daily until christmas eve at the st. anthony's foundation at 105 golden gate avenue. the curbside dropoff again is really convenient. open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow. and then from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. during the week. >> well, coming up next here a blockbuster trade in the nba sees a lot of familiar faces on the move. >> and those go for another state title as well. joe fonzi and sports wrap and all of it is coming up next. [ music ]
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